What is a VJ?

Hint: "video jockey"

6/16/20231 min read

I got my first taste of VJing over a decade ago and I still LOVE doing it. Though as a performer, you're virtually invisible. I usually sit beside the sound board at the venue and create my wondrous, colorful, psychedelic, pallet of moving images behind the band/DJ/dancers/etc.

Like the sound engineers, if you do your job flawlessly, no one realizes you're there. I have performed as Lambent Visuals at many festivals, parties, events, and fundraisers since 2009. Performing at a festival with a large LED screen is my favorite though these gigs seem few and far between these days.

As soon as I get this site finalized and debugged, the plan is to create a new "lambentvisuals.com" site to showcase what I can do with VJing. Part of the difficulty of gigging as a VJ is explaining what it actually is. I've tried calling myself a "video jockey" "visualist" "live video projectionist" and more yet until you see what we do, it's not obvious.

Stay tuned for updates on the new Lambent Visuals site.