Designer • Musician • Maker


To blend the realms of video, audio, and design
to create immersive and compelling experiences
to help illuminate people and/or things.


• B.A. in Fine Arts from Auburn University
- studied design and communication
• B.S. in Music from the University of Colorado
- studied recording technology and business


It's been a long road to calling myself an artist and it still feels strange to say it, yet I create things from ideas and make them tangible. As a designer, having a feeling for musical rhythm and flow helps me with all states of creation. As a musician, my design background helps me understand how everything has rhythm and tempo. Every creative endeavor should leave all parties that experienced it, feeling good and wanting more.


I grew up singing in bands, taught myself percussion, and eventually the drum kit.
When I was 30, I went back to school for a B.S. in Music from the University of Colorado Denver where I gained technical knowledge of sound design, and music production. I then worked in a recording studio, for a nationally syndicated radio show, and did live sound reinforcement gigs before I began working in the video field. I've gigged in bands along the way as a singer and a drummer. I've DJ'd parties, festivals, and an even a few weddings. My love of music is as strong as ever and I'm teaching myself guitar and writing again.


It was my desire to expand upon my video mapping and Burning Man that finally got me creating physical objects again. I enjoy using the wood shop and laser cutter to make artful objects that light up for the sake of creating as well as for events and music festivals.